Traveling the Bay: San Francisco & Monterey

Over winter break, I had the chance to go back to one of my FAVE cities in the world: San Francisco! SF is chock-full of amazing restaurants, prime thrift store shopping, and a variety of interesting subcultures and neighborhoods. I also made my way over to Monterey while I was up north and experienced the little coastal town for the first time. I’ve compiled some of the highlights of my vacation here, so if you’re ever in the area you’ll know where to go!

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Pigging Out at the OC Fair

Would you believe me if I said that in the 15 years that I have lived in LA, I never once made it out to the annual Orange County Fair? That’s right – self proclaimed foodie and younger, hotter Paula Deen (I mean, we both love butter) waited a decade and a half to indulge in the culinary delight that is fried EVERYTHING. I can now say with confidence that the fair will now be an annual trek and the day after will forever be National Food Hangover Day.

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OOTD: Coachillin’ Style

My style changes every day; some days I wake up feeling like a pop punk princess and others I channel a festival-going hippie vibe. Today was def the latter. Despite never actually having attended a music festival before (does Warped Tour when I was 13 count?), I love the aesthetic of summery dresses and hippie accessories. I recently visited the Roadium open market in Gardena, CA where I picked up this adorable, flowy maxi dress from local brand Honey Punch, perfect for these hot summer days where I pretend I’m not sitting at home sweating my balls off, but at Coachella… still sweating my balls off.

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OOTD: Lovely Florals from LF

I would normally never shop at LF, 1. because it’s for people who actually have jobs and can afford a $100 sweater and 2. because every time I walk in there it’s like stepping into my teenage sister’s disaster of a bedroom. Seriously, what do their employees do during shifts if not fold the clothes? A store should never look like my closet after a night of sloppy pre-gaming and constant outfit changing. BUT, when my dear friend Ashley dragged me there during one of their annual sales, I found the most adorable jumpsuit for only $24! It has been the perfect addition to my (clean) closet. Continue reading

From SB to SD: A Weekend Away

After catching up on all of the work I avoided while on my weekend away, I finally have time to document my amazing time in San Diego! In my almost three years of college living (now I feel old), I have never visited one of my best friends, the lovely Ashley, at UCSD. So I bought myself an Amtrak ticket, braved a six hour train ride, and met up with her in sunny SD.

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You Hungry? Miso Hungry, too!

Not only does Miso Hungry have THE cutest restaurant name, it also has some delicious Japanese cuisine for under $10. Think Chipotle, but sushi style. You can choose from a wrap (basically a sushi burrito), a bowl, or a salad. They offer preset options, like the spicy yellowtail wrap or the rainbow salad which features a variety of raw fish. You can also build your own dish from the multitude of fresh ingredients. It’s the perfect place for a night out with friends – cheap, fast, and something for everyone!

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Spring Break at the Beach: 26 and Venice

Last week was my spring break (Woo-hoo-hoo! if I may quote the great Chandler Bing) and I headed down to LA for a week of perfect weather and even better food. One of my stops had to be an old favorite of mine, 26 Beach, a hidden gem tucked away on Washington in Venice. The other was a recent find located just off of the Venice Boardwalk, Poké-Poké. I’d like to thank Instagram for always making me drool and sending me to amazing places like this. If you’re looking for more tasty pics on your feed, check out @hungrybetches, @cookingwithcocktailrings (if you’re more of a chef), @dineLA, and @hungryinLA.

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