Indulging at the Vegan Street Fair

Cheese is the glue that holds my life together and I can’t imagine going longer than a month without indulging in an old-fashioned burger, but I’m always looking for food that challenges the notion that animal products are the key to delicious eats. The Vegan Street Fair in North Hollywood provided the perfect chance to experiment with different cruelty-free food and see just how tasty vegan food can be. Check it out!


The first official day of spring meant gorgeous blue skies and plenty of sun! My sunburnt back isn’t too happy, but it made for some lovely photo backdrops. The Vegan Street Fair was two entire blocks in NoHo blocked off for tons of vendors to set up shop and sell their goods for only $3 or less!


First up were vegan tacos from Skynny Kitchen – a blend of corn, onion, and roasted tomato in a fresh tortilla. The slightly spicy mixture didn’t lack for meat (although I could have used some creamy avocado) and we definitely got our money’s worth for three bucks.


The highlight of the day: a huge plate of perfectly spiced Indian food by the India Jones food truck. For only $10, we got a sample of everything on their menu including a veggie coconut curry, veggie samosa, aloo tikka chaat (potato pancake), and spinach pakkora (fritters). Indian food is notorious for being fairly vegetarian, so it’s no surprise that the intense flavor and creaminess of the food more than made up for the lack of animal products. I’ll definitely be tracking this truck down sometime for more!


Time for a sweet palette cleanser! Viva Los Cupcakes makes deliciously moist cupcakes that rival their milk & dairy counterparts. This horchata cupcake had a cinnamon base and an amazingly light whipped cream frosting. It tasted like flavored air – in a good way! I never would have guessed this was vegan, so I’d say they did an amazing job.


Need a mid-drool break? Check out this guy who brought his cat to the fair and carried it on his shoulder like a parrot. Good times.


VEGAN. MINI. DONUTS. You can’t go wrong with donuts of any kind, so of course we had to stop by the Donut Friend tent. These cuties have even cuter names like (clockwise from the left) x-ray speculoos, strawberrylab, and s’morrissey. The strawberry and whipped cream donut felt light as air and the amount of creamy cookie butter in the speculoos donut was INSANE. The other intriguing options called to me, so I really want to visit their storefront and try some more.


Them lines. Only in LA would a food festival of vegan-only food be THIS crowded. We braved most of the lines, but some really deterred us. I really, really, really, wanted to try the southern fried vegan and waffles and mac and cheese, but my sunburn told me “no, no, no.”


Back to something savory, we made our way to the Happy Elephant Vegan tent for some sushi. As a sushi addict, the idea of fish-less sushi made me very wary and the looooooong wait time furthered my suspicions. While the sushi here wasn’t bad, its undercooked brown rice and lack of flavor made the meatlessness very obvious. I need dat spicy tuna, soz.


After hours of eating our way through the festival and sweating off all of our makeup (did I mention we saw Kat von D? Cause we did. It was awesome) we were POOPED, so with what little tickets we had left we splurged on refreshing popsicles from Popsicle Culture. Their vietnamese coffee flavor is basically sweetened iced coffee in frozen form. So, the best thing that has ever happened to me.

The Vegan Street Fair really opened my eyes to how delicious vegan food can be and I’m so excited to start trying out more vegan-friendly restaurants in LA! While I don’t see myself giving up my beloved cheese anytime soon, I loved experimenting with things I never would have tried before.

You can still catch the BTS adventures on my Snapchat – thelovepugblog!


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