Out to Lunch at Father’s Office

I’ve been majorly craving a burger lately, so why not torture myself by finally reviewing the famous burger from Father’s Office? This LA hotspot has a convenient location in Culver City WITH valet parking. Yeah, and that’s just the beginning. You actually have to be 21 just to get into the restaurant, so after waiting a couple years, I finally got a taste of the delicious eats. Burgers > alcohol.

Aviary Photo_131023078236280631

Aviary Photo_131023078521121335

Although the location in Santa Monica is supposedly more trendy, I enjoyed the quietness of Culver City during a nice lunch with my parents. The restaurant is also in the furniture district, so afterwards you can walk off your food baby while exploring some of the funky, unique stores in the area.

Aviary Photo_131023078651683594Aviary Photo_131023078741400104

First up were the special chorizo fritters: perfectly fried little balls of spiced chorizo and potato.They were delightfully crunchy on the outside, but surprisingly soft inside – it made for a wonderful textural combination. A salsa verde dip came on the side and was the refreshing element that brought the dish together.

Aviary Photo_131023078990895028

We also split the organic beet salad, cause you know we like to keep it lean. It had the perfect balance of salty bleu cheese, sweet candied walnuts, and fresh veggies. Although, the stringy beet things were kind of hard to eat – it was like slurping noodles. Gorgeous presentation though!

Aviary Photo_131023079087151438Aviary Photo_131023079307153110

Oh boy. Just looking at this makes my mouth water. I was a bit skeptical to try the supposed best burger in LA (I’ve had a lot of great burgers), but this one really does live up to expectation. The office burger boasts a perfectly cooked and juicy patty, and the choice of homemade onion jam and gooey cheese put an already great meal over the top. Definitely one of the best burgers I have ever eaten!

Aviary Photo_131023079661213745

What’s a burger without fries? I’m not a huge fan of ultra crispy taters, but these spuds tossed in parmesan and lots of salt were pretty damn amazing. The garlic aoili that comes on the side is like CRACK. I would legit dip anything in that! Plus, portions are huge so don’t be afraid to share (if you can stomach giving some of this up).

Aviary Photo_131023079769222348

The views aren’t too bad either 😉

What’s the best burger you’ve ever had? It’s my life mission to #EatEmAll!


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