My Recent Five Faves

I hope everyone had a lovely weekend! I spent most of this gloomy, rainy weekend watching way too much Netflix (mostly Friends, but also discovered Miss Representation which is AMAZING!) but before Monday rolls around, I decided to round up some Five Faves for ya. I’ve got some lip glitter, marble on marble, and more – check it out!


Since my birthday celebration was last weekend, most of my Faves are recent gifts like this crazy cool pillow! It’s made out of some kind of fancy Muppet fur with lavender hair and hints of glitter. It’s from Nourison and goes perfectly on my bed! Until I throw it off before jumping into bed, of course.


Marble errythang. White marble has become the latest trend in the blogger world and since I’m a conformist I totally bought into it. These studs from H&M are the perfect touch of fab to an outfit and they look awesome against this white marble slab I may or may not have gotten specifically for photos.

The Love Pug (8)

I’m pretty technologically stunted, which is definitely a downfall as a person who spends 70% of her day working on her laptop. However, sites like Canva make it easy to look knowledgable! Canva lets you create cute graphics like this one I used for Facebook and it’s super simple and free! They have a freaking pug icon – how could I not be obsessed?


Another birthday prezzie: this gorgeous black backpack with zipper details. I love little knapsacks like these because they make lugging my camera around not only easier, but more fashionable! This buttery black bag from El Segundo boutique No Rest for Bridget goes with anything and everything and at a reasonable price!


The star of the show! This beauty is “Unicorn Tears” from Too Faced – a glittery lipstick that looks like fairy poop. As soon as I saw it, I was completely in love and I’m so excited to wear it over a baby pink color, as a solid eyeshadow, basically just all over my face. Cuz I’m a unicorn princess and that’s what we do.


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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