BLOGIVERSARY: My 10 Fave Blogs So Far

Today – March 2nd – is officially my BLOGIVERSARY! It’s been exactly one year since I published my first blog on The Love Pug, and I’m so proud, happy, excited, and amazed at how much it has grown in so little time. I can’t imagine my life without blogging now and it’s completely changed the way I think about my future, especially as my college graduation approaches and I have to start thinking about a career! In honor of my blog’s first birthday, I’ve rounded up my 10 favorite blogs from the past year (no easy feat!) so get ready for some serious #throwbacks as well as some more recent posts. Thanks for being such amazing readers and making this all worth it! ❤

10. Brunch at the Boat House & My 21st Birthday 


Starting off the list with the one that started it all! On March 2nd 2015, I published this blog about my 21st birthday celebration and I haven’t stopped since then! It’s definitely not the best blog – I think all the photos were taken on my iPhone (cringe) – but it has a special place in my heart for being the OG post.

9. OOTD: Graphic Design 


I’ve always been obsessed with this shoot! Everything from the colorful graphic background to the trendy outfit makes me feel way cooler than I really am. This was one of my first OOTD shoots that wasn’t shot in my backyard, so I felt super exposed and thought everyone was staring at me. Now, I’m way more comfortable modeling in public: if you pretend you’re super important, other people believe it 😉

8. Brunch So Hard: Sweet Maple SF

aviary-photo_13095761413232079 (1)

UGH I still dream about this brunch, tbh. San Francisco is one of my all-time fave cities to visit and the food is a huge part of that. Chowing down at Sweet Maple was one of the best decisions of my life and the pictures prove it! Everything photographed so beautifully – it looks almost as good as it tasted!

7. 3 Ways to Style a Blush Coat

Aviary Photo_130939955211668269

Pictures like this really make me miss my blue hair! I loved doing a shoot with more than one outfit – even if my sister/photographer wasn’t so happy about all the outfit changes (heh). I really searched through my closet to find the three perfect looks for this post and I’m really happy with the way it turned out. Plus, I’m still obsessed with this coat!

6. Travel Throwback: the Best of Paris

Aviary Photo_130893695864873808

Studying abroad in Paris turned me into the person (and blogger!) I am today, so writing this post about my favorite places/moments in the City of Light made me super nostalgic. I have so many amazing memories and pictures from my time in France which made choosing only a few photos so hard! It felt really good to talk about my experience abroad, though, and just thinking about it makes me want to jump on a plane right now.

5. OOTD: Stuck in Neutral

Aviary Photo_130897007684559819

Part of me picked this as a favorite just because of the clever title. Wittiness aside, the pictures for this post turned out amazing! The neutral tones of my outfit against the bright blue wall was the perfect combo. BTW – can I get this painted in my room? It’s too cool. I also just adore this outfit: a comfy dress, my fave booties, and simple makeup.

4. A Little Slice of Parisian Brunch in LA 

Aviary Photo_130806082707739133

Brunching it up at Republique not only made me really miss Paris (THE PASTRIES *heart eyes*) but it made me realize how much I LOVE being a food blogger. Even more than beauty and fashion, food is my biggest passion, so photographing and reviewing a famous LA spot made me feel like this is something I could really devote my time – and stomach – to. The lighting honestly can’t get better at this sun-drenched locale, so the pics are always blog-worthy!

3. The 10 Lipsticks Every Girl Should Own


This blog consistently gets hits every week, despite being almost a year old so I guess I was doing something right when I wrote it! I’m definitely a lipstick junkie (my collection has grown since this was posted!) so dedicating an entire post to it was super fun. If I could go back in time, I would probably make it more inclusive – guys/gender-neutral peeps can wear lipstick too! – but the best thing about blogging is that you learn as you go.

2. 10 Things I Learned from Being Single


I rarely blog about personal things, but considering The Love Pug stemmed from a desire to distract myself from my recent breakup, this post means a lot to me. Putting a humorous spin on a tough situation is how I get through life, so if this post helped even one person get over a break-up then it was 100% worth it!

1. I Dressed Like a Chanel from “Scream Queens” for a Week

Aviary Photo_130951962275605016

Lastly, my favorite post of the last year! It’s no surprise that this is number one, mostly because I spent more time on this blog than any other and it was my most successful post by miles! After spending over a week styling these outfits, taking the photos, and then writing it up, it was all worth it when I ended up with such an amazing piece. I love the creativity that went into this post and the love it got from people all over the world after Her Campus generously shared it onto their homepage. This was the post that actually made me think, “hey – maybe I can do this blogging thing after all!”

I’d like to send a HUGE thank you to all of you readers, whether this is your first time at The Love Pug or you’ve been with me from the beginning. Here’s to another great year!


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9 thoughts on “BLOGIVERSARY: My 10 Fave Blogs So Far

  1. Eva says:

    Happy blogiversary! I’m loving those Paris and the “What I learned from being single” posts! 🙂



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