Birthday Brunch at Scarlett Begonia

Monday birthdays are a bit of a bummer – you end up having to go to class or work and celebrating comes later. Luckily, the whole weekend before provides ample time for true celebration! Considering my first ever blog post was about my 21st birthday brunch, I thought it’d be fitting to document my brunch feast for my 22nd birthday! Saturday afternoon was spent indulging in some amazing food porn at Scarlett Begonia, a hidden gem in downtown Santa Barbara.


Scarlett Begonia‘s been on my list of must-try brunch spots for a while, and I was so excited to finally try it!


I was always curious about its location, since I had never actually seen it. Turns out, it’s tucked away in a little outdoor court just off of State Street! It’s well worth the mini maze to find it – the tables are scattered over a gorgeous brick patio, complete with fountains. It’s definitely a lovely place to sit with your friends over breakfast!


First up: drinks! No classy brunch is complete without some cocktails, right? I ordered the toasted coconut breeze (right) which was both delicious and STRONG. No complaints though, I definitely got my money’s worth out of the rum and coconut drink! My friend tried the strawberry lemonade (left) which was deliciously sweet and came with fresh fruit!


After a night out celebrating (*cough* drinking), by the time noon rolled around, we were starving. So we just had to order an app to tide us over before our entrees arrived. We settled on the biscuit sampler, which came with a buttermilk biscuit & one flavored with maple and bacon. YUM! They were both perfectly flaky and crumbly, but the maple bacon one definitely stole my heart. It was the perfect blend of sweet and salty.


Finally the food arrived! But first, we had to have a mini photoshoot of course.


My order: the fried chicken breakfast sandwich. I was enticed by the huuuuge hunk of fried bird on other people’s plates and just had to taste it. The breading was totally on point – perfectly crunchy and not too greasy. I was super excited about the fried egg on top, but it disappointed me with its overcooked yolk. It’s not #yolkporn without that runny liquid gold! The chicken was a tiny bit too dry, but the moisture of the slaw really balanced it out. The hit was the buttery brioche bun, slightly toasted for a bit of texture. The side of potatoes was just okay, but the delicious sandwich made up for it!

I didn’t get a chance to thoroughly try everyone else’s dishes, but they looked AMAZING!


The eggs benedict: perfectly poached eggs! And the roasted tomato bearnaise was an interesting touch.


Soft scrambled eggs: look at that cheesy, gooey goodness.


The scarlett burger: bacon marmalade?! Get outta town. And that delicious brioche bun again.


Spaghetti squash: definitely one I wish I had tried! The mix of spaghetti squash, eggs, and creamy ricotta sounds divine.


All in all, I’d say it was a successful birthday brunch! I definitely plan on stopping by Scarlett Begonia again soon. Thanks for reading!


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