My Recent Five Faves

It’s almost Valentine’s Day, so why not share the love by posting about my most recent Five Faves? Today I’ve got some delectably scented hand lotion, an awesome thrift store find, an all-natural lipstick, and more!


I love being a part of the Ipsy fam, because it means every month I get to try new brands I would normally never gravitate to. I’m a Sephora junkie, so exploring out of that comfort zone is hard. But it can pay off, like scoring this gorgeous, natural Pacifica lippie! This peachy-nude lipstick (Tender Heart) is all-natural, vegan, and cruelty-free. LOVE. It’s good for you, the earth, and your style!


I love popping into thrift stores because you never know what you’ll find. Sometimes the clothes are a bust, but you can discover hidden gems in other areas! I found this marble mug while thrifting recently and I’m so obsessed. Marble is really trendy right now, and it fits right into my mug collection!


I’ve been using this rose-scented lotion from L’Occitane and I am in LOVE. As soon as you unscrew the cap, the heavenly smell of roses hits you. It gives my dry hands a ton of moisture without being too greasy, and it comes in a gorgeous package!


Staying organized is a major (insert key emoji) to success, guys. This mini planner from Sugar Paper (bought at Target) keeps me on track with my homework, papers, work schedule, and blogging! I love how small it is, so I can just throw it in my purse or backpack whenever I leave. It’s such a pretty gold color and still looks brand new after weeks of use!


I’ll admit it: when I find a song/album I love, I play it on repeat until I’m absolutely sick of it it. My latest victim is Shawn Mendes’ debut album. I love his Ed Sheeran vibes and his lyrics are so heartfelt! It doesn’t hurt that he’s absolutely adorable (but sadly only 17). I’m already excited to hear his next album!

Thanks for reading, babes!


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