My Recent Five Faves

Hey babes! Last week was a busy one, filled with tests and papers (and maybe a little bit of fun too). I’m starting off the week with a new Five Faves that I think you’ll all love – it’s got a few beauty products I’ve been obsessing over, my new favorite book, and a personal announcement that I’m super excited about! Check it out –


Everyone close to me knows how completely OBSESSED I’ve become with this novel (and its freakin’ aborbs author) because I can’t stop talking about it. I’m a huge Sci-Fi/Fantasy nerd, so this literary blend of Hunger Games, Game of Thrones, and Ender’s Game blows my mind. Red Rising is all about Darrow, a low-class teen living on Mars who helps instigate a rebellion against the tyrannical “Gold” population. It’s funny, sad, and crazy exciting. Plus, there are two more books in the series!


Finding a nail polish that works for every occasion and every season is hard, but I found a stunning rose color that rivals even my love for Formula X’s “Extraordinary.” Dior’s pale pink “Incognito” is a simple, dusty color, but matches with everything. Plus, the formula is super chip-resistant and the brush’s flat design makes for easy application. OBSESSED.

Aviary Photo_130981440098309360

This weekend I finally made the trek to Santa Barbara’s famous Knapp’s Castle – an old ruin of a mansion that overlooks the scenic mountains. Sunset was the perfect time, glowing pink and orange over the views, even though it was freezing (50 degrees to a Californian). It’s a windy drive up the mountain, but once you get there it’s all worth it! Especially if you’re brave enough to sit atop the ledge.


Even though I get a discount on all things Sephora, sometimes I can’t help but splurge on a Lush mask. I love their simple, natural ingredients and they’re all cruelty-free! My latest pick is Oatifix, a blend of oats, bananas, and almonds. It exfoliates while moisturizing, perfect for the dry winter weather. It also makes your whole face smell like an oatmeal cookie – but it definitely doesn’t taste as good as it smells… or so I’ve heard.

Screen Shot 2016-01-25 at 10.46.16 AM

A few months ago, I was accepted to be a Style Guru Intern for CollegeFashionista where I write about trendy people from my own school! It’s a huge honor and great exposure, so I’m so excited to spend my last semester at college working with them. This month, my first post went live: a Style Guru Bio about myself! I’d love for you all to check it out, give it a “rad,” and follow me for more style to come! It’s a great site for browsing the trendiest students from around the country.

I hope everyone has an AMAZING week! Thanks for reading ❤


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