Brunch So Hard: Sweet Maple SF

I recently blogged about my travels through the great city of San Francisco, and I’m guessing some of you noticed its strange (for me) lack of food. Well, that’s because I was saving my culinary adventure in SF for its own blog post. Trust me, it’s that incredible. My first stop in the city was to this gem: Sweet Maple. The cozy spot was not only one of the best meals I have ever had, but it’s also home to the famous MILLIONAIRE’S BACON. Never heard of it? Don’t worry – keep reading for my mouth-watering description and some insanely sinful food porn.


Sweet Maple is known for its amazing brunch food, and people say that on weekend mornings, the wait can be over an hour long. Luckily, my group arrived on a chilly, but sunny Tuesday morning – so the wait was only 20 minutes or so. Even on a weekday at around noon, you can see how popular of a spot Sweet Maple is. The place was packed with young, trendy foodies like myself out to brunch with their friends.


I’ll start off with my order, which was of course THE BEST. The Oscar benedict features the classic benedict staples: a crisp english muffin, perfectly poached eggs, and salty capers. What makes this meal unique is the slight Asian twist; instead of traditional ham or smoked salmon, Sweet Maple uses fresh crab meat and then piles on an amazing cucumber wasabi hollandaise. YUM. The sauce and preserved lemons underneath those delicious yolks give it a refreshing citrus flavor. I definitely recommend!

Aviary Photo_130957612042784220

Where else but California will you find breakfast tacos? If you thought tacos couldn’t get any better, well, you’re just plain wrong; throw in some pillowy scrambled eggs, fresh avocado, and chicken apple sausage to completely brunch-ify a classic dish. The sausage and eggs provide that delicious savory breakfast feel, but in a traditional Mexican vessel. The portions at Sweet Maple are crazy generous, plus look at all that avo!


It wouldn’t be a complete brunch without trying just about EVERYTHING on the menu, so added to the table was the frisco scramble. Soft scrambled eggs mixed with smoked gouda cheese, mushrooms, apple chicken sausage, and a side of ripe avocado. It’s very similar to the breakfast tacos, but with a whole new presentation. No breakfast is complete without carbs, enter a side of roasted potatoes and a crunchy slice of thick toast.


One of the things I knew I HAD to try when I got there was this delectable fried french toast. It’s a sugary hybrid of funnel cake and traditional french toast, so you know it’s delicious. It was surprisingly moist, so it needed only a little maple syrup (and that’s coming from a girl who drenches her pancakes). I’m not sure I can go back to regular french toast anymore – not after tasting this crispy, buttery delight.

Aviary Photo_130957611183599019

The true star of the show? The Millionaire’s Bacon. Slow roasted for hours in a mixture of cayenne, coffee, and maple syrup, this thick-cut slab of perfection has become Sweet Maple’s specialty. Yes, it’s $8 for two slices, but I promise you it is SO worth it. This isn’t your plain old bacon, guys, it melts in your mouth like butter and has the perfect balance of sweet and savory flavors. It pairs amazingly with the fried french toast; pleasing your taste buds is worth the heart attack risk, right?

aviary-photo_13095761413232079 (1)

What a feast! I can genuinely say that my meal at Sweet Maple was one of the highlights of my culinary life – I will definitely be retuning one day!

Thanks for reading ❤


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