2015 in Review

For my first blog post of 2016, I decided to reminiscence on the best parts of the past year and what I’m most excited about in the new year! That tired old saying of “new year, new me” is a little silly – we’re constantly changing and (hopefully) making our lives better. But as 2015 was such a hard year for me, I’m really hoping to embrace the idea of a new year and take on the challenges that are definitely coming my way.

The beginning of 2015 started off, well, not amazingly for me. Just a week or two before the big NYE festivities, I went through a devastating break up and had just returned home from studying abroad in Paris. My life felt completely upside down; I wasn’t sure what direction I was heading in anymore or what the future would hold for me. Luckily, I had some AMAZING friends and family to keep me going through hard times, and by my 21st birthday in February I was embracing the single life!


I had always dreamed of writing a blog, and after my birthday I finally took the plunge and created The Love Pug. Guess what? I LOVE IT! Writing this blog has been a huge source of creativity for me and I’m so proud of what it has become in less than a year. 2015 definitely taught me to try new things because you never know what you’ll fall in love with.


This year also hosted my second tattoo – one that I thought about getting for a year before I made it a reality. This tattoo is really special to me; it reads “I have lived a thousand lives,” based on a quote from the most recent ASOIAF novel, “A reader lives a thousand lives.” It’s super nerdy, but reflects my lifelong love of reading. I have a feeling I’ll be investing in another tattoo or two in 2016…


I made two huge accomplishments within the Her Campus network this year: I became my team’s Campus Correspondent (basically editor-in-chief/President) and I also was accepted into the Her Campus Blogger Network! I’ve been working with Her Campus for over three years and love the support and message the site sends to women in college around the world.

IMG_3232IMG_3520 (1)

Summer 2015 also included my sister and I seeing 5 Seconds of Summer TWICE. No shame, guys. I also would have seen One Direction but #poorcollegestudent. Seeing 5SOS up close (3rd row back, y’all) at the VEVO Certified Live show was definitely a highlight of my year. And yes, that’s me flipping them off as they finished their set. If you’ve ever seen the Bob’s Burgers episode where Louise wants to slap the boy band member – that’s 100% me.

Aviary Photo_130909833951309758

My blue hair only came about near the end of 2015, but it kind of defined the year for me. 2015 was all about trying new things (even if they scare me!) and being as bold as possible. That meant taking a risk and dying my hair bright blue, and it totally paid off. I still get so many compliments on my hair and it’s forced me to walk with more confidence everywhere I go.

2015 was an emotional roller coaster, but despite the challenges that came with it, it was also a year of intense growth, forging stronger relationships with my friends and sister, and diving into my new found passions. I know 2016 will offer even more chances for growth, whether it’s my graduation from college in June, finding a career path, moving back to LA, or just becoming a better version of me. I’m usually anti-cheesy statements, but NYE calls for three things: friends, alcohol, and a little bit of cheesiness. Or, in my case, a lot of cheesiness!


I rang in the New Year with a huge cheese plate and lots and LOTS of wine with my best friend. I’m so excited to see what 2016 has in store for me and expect a lot of big things from this blog and me in the next 365 days!

What are you most looking forward to in 2016? Let me know!


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM





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