I Dressed Like a Chanel from “Scream Queens” for a Week

The first season of Ryan Murphy’s hit show “Scream Queens” may have captivated us with its quirky mix of horror and humor, but the thing that kept me watching week after week was the FASHION. Chanel Oberlin (played by the Queen herself, Emma Roberts) and her squad tormented their pledges and were certainly prime suspects in some of those murders, but they definitely did it all in style. While I admired the patented “Chanel” look with its array of furs, pastels, and tons of sparkle, I was never brave or creative enough to replicate it in my daily life. So after the season finale and my inevitable withdrawals, I challenged myself to look like a Chanel for a week. Since I’m a mere college student and can’t afford real Chanel, I made do with what was in my and my mom’s closet. Here’s what I wore!

Aviary Photo_130951962275605016

I was a little nervous on the first day of my challenge since I was really shaking up my style – especially considering I’d spent most of the last week in sweats while studying for finals. That night I headed out to a holiday event with my family and rocked this Forever 21 lace dress with my baby pink coat and some white lace heels. Pastel everything right here. I’m channeling some serious Chanel #2 à la Ariana Grande here. I honestly really loved this outfit, although it was a bit more scandalous and formal than what I was used to wearing for a family affair.

Aviary Photo_130951963535479491

Day Two was one of my favorite outfits: a white lace pencil skirt with a fuzzy white sweater and some majorly blinged out accessories. I don’t wear white very often, and as I was sipping my usual latte I remembered why. Coffee + all white outfit = potential disaster! Luckily I avoided a fashion mishap and went about my day running errands. As I walked through Target doing some last-minute holiday shopping, I definitely felt out of place. Here I was in this gorgeous outfit and heels… pushing around a cart and buying superhero PJs for my sister-in-law. Although I felt a little silly at first, I loved the confidence boost I got from knowing how chic I looked!

Aviary Photo_130951964439934092

I wasn’t crazy about this outfit and I think my face might show it! This was probably the farthest out of my comfort zone: pants, flats, and a Peter Pan collar just aren’t my style. However, this challenge was all about experimenting so I went with it! As the day went on, I ended up getting a lot of compliments on my blouse and I felt more comfortable with the look. Overall, I think trying new styles is always a good idea, but sometimes they just don’t mesh with your personality.

Aviary Photo_130951972318144703

I honestly thought I would hate the “collar over a sweater” look, but this was one of my favorite outfits! I love the cohesive color scheme and the chunky layering of the dress, sweater, and statement necklace. I could definitely see one of the Chanels sporting this outfit to class (on the rare occasion they actually go). Chunky sweaters and cardigans are definitely a staple in a Chanel’s wardrobe and while I was worried it would be unflattering on someone curvier than the average Chanel, I remembered Chanel #5 (aka Abigail Breslin) has an amazing curvy bod and still works those chunky knits. I kind of cheated with the booties, but my feet were begging me for something familiar and comfortable!

Aviary Photo_130951972919004779

Please excuse my RBF! I swear I loved this outfit, but my face doesn’t want to show it. I kind of felt like a mix of Blair Waldorf (it’s the headband, right?) and Chanel #1 in this number. The feminine pastels and floral patterns were so perfect together, even in the dead of winter. I just wore this out to lunch with my dad, but I think it deserves a bigger audience! At this point in the week, I felt a bit more creative every morning and started putting together outfits I both really liked and channeled Chanel. I wasn’t as self-conscious when people stared at me in public – maybe they were just admiring my amazing look!

Aviary Photo_130951972600196146

If there was a punk Chanel, this is what she would wear. This outfit is probably most similar to what I would normally wear, but I kept it in the Chanel spirit with the baby blue knit and demure length. I loved how this challenge was forcing me to wear some of the things I always thought were too fancy for everyday life, like this Banana Republic midi dress. But once I paired it with the cropped sweater, booties, and dainty lace socks, it became a perfectly chic look to wear out with my friends!

Aviary Photo_130957607243771618

For my final Chanel outfit, I chose pieces that I absolutely ADORE! As the holidays approached, getting dressed up for a nice dinner or event was a common occurrence, so I felt less out of place than before. I love the simple color scheme of grey and light pink – it’s very Chanel! I could definitely see one of the girls wearing this fuzzy cardigan while lounging around the Kappa house. I personally wore it to a family holiday party, along with a matching vintage rose brooch. The beauty of a Chanel outfit is taking older styles (such as brooches, pastels, and pearls) and making them feel fresh.

While I’ve always incorporated heeled booties and faux fur into my closet, tailoring my outfits to Chanel level was definitely a challenge! At times I felt way out of my comfort zone, but eventually I embraced how chic I looked and enjoyed the confidence that comes with dressing up. When you dress like you’re important, people will think you’re important! After this week, I feel more courageous experimenting with different patterns, textures, and accessories. I may not dress like a Chanel everyday from now on, but I’ve already started including some Chanel-inspired pieces into my outfits lately!


The resemblance is uncanny. Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of my Scream Queens outfits in the comments, dolls.


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42 thoughts on “I Dressed Like a Chanel from “Scream Queens” for a Week

  1. Musings says:

    I’ve never seen Scream Queens but you look absolutely amazing! Your day #2 and final look were my favorite.
    And I totally think that people weren’t staring for bad reasons, but good ones. I used to be super fancy for college (think heels, a dress and loose cardigan) and the respect I received from professors and other students was amazing. I’m a tad more conservative now, but I still have a serious appreciation for dressing up/those who always want to look their best. If I see someone that’s really dressed up in say, Target, I just admire their outfit and think they came from somewhere nice and have to run a few errands: I never assume they’re uppity or out of place, and I bet other people think the same 🙂


  2. Barbara Joyce says:

    STOPPP I loveee this post! I’m going crazy over here about your style challenge, and am really impressed on how you got all these pieces. Personally love the baby blue sweater-striped skirt combo!


  3. J.B. William says:

    I don’t usually dress like that but those outfits are gorgeous. So gorgeous I would actually try them. I have zero sense of fashion.


    • The Love Pug says:

      Thank you! They’re from all over, but a lot of them are from Banana Republic! I used to work there, so I accumulated a lot of their clothes & they’re perfect for that classy Chanel look xo


  4. Amy M. Blanchette says:

    I love absolutely love dressing up and i love the scream queens simply because of their fashion…but its also pretty damn funny and i think your outfits are adorable!!! You should feel extremely confident girll…that is the single most important part of your outfit! Confidence and a smile… I am an older college student in my 30s but i absolutely adore dressing up! It’s true you are more respected and treated in a more professional manner. Always be you!!! I love that you put your own spin on the chanels!


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