A Twist on the Classics at Humble Potato

One of the best things about living in LA is that good food is definitely not hard to find in this city. Even better is when good food is literally right around the corner! I’ve been going to quirky Japanese-American fusion joint Humble Potato since it first opened in my little neighborhood of Westchester. They recently expanded into Culver City, so I’m hoping that’s a sign they’ll be around forever! Trust me, you’ll understand when you see this food – it’s too good to pass up.

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Humble Potato is a tiny little spot located just across the way from LMU and you definitely get a college vibe when you walk in. The restaurant is decorated with all kinds of old-school memorabilia and quirky Japanese drawings and sayings. Even the placards they give you while you wait for your food have characters like Hello Kitty or Speed Racer on them.

Aviary Photo_130947627016600279Aviary Photo_130947627339490568

Even if you’re not obsessed with Japanese culture, the playfulness of the place is definitely unique! I especially love the wordplay on the menu; hot dog become “doggu” and hamburgers are “hambagas.” They have a pretty large menu to choose from and almost everything is under $10.00, plus you get a ton of food for your money!

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I always start out with an order of the curry fries: they’re piping hot and smothered in a thick, delicious Japanese curry sauce. For all y’all bland people, don’t worry, it’s not spicy! It kind of tastes like a mix between curry and gravy… looks gross, tastes amazing.

Aviary Photo_130947626385376780

Next up was the katsu sando, basically a Japanese-style chicken fried sandwich. The panko breading was super crunchy and fried perfectly which contrasted well with the slightly tangy, chilled slaw. I would have liked a little more sauce to bring some moisture to the sandwich, as it was just a bit dry. The katsu also comes in salad form, over the same slaw with an amazing light vinaigrette – I think I prefer the salad version for once!

Aviary Photo_130947626671366091

You’re probably looking at this thinking, “WTF is that?!” I swear that there is a hot dog under there somewhere. Humble Potato‘s doggus are some of the most delicious and unique eats I’ve ever had and this one was no exception! The kare-katsu doggu is a panko-fried hot dog (you can see the little butt sticking out under all the toppings) smothered in slaw, jalapenos, their delicious curry, and a fried egg. It’s nearly impossible to eat without making a mess but it tastes SO good. The crunchy dog is fried perfectly, and I love that contrast between the hot dog and the cold, spicy slaw. And you can never go wrong with a fried egg on top.

I would definitely recommend checking out Humble Potato for the fun atmosphere and amazingly weird food options. They put such a fun and delicious twist on classic American dishes. Happy eating!


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