My Five Faves of the Week

It’s that time of the week again! This week was “Dead Week” at my school, meaning the week before finals when I curl up into a ball and wish I were dead. But luckily I have you lovely readers and of course my Five Faves to cheer me up! This week has some new beauty items, a DIY decor idea, and the perfect Starbucks drink to get you in the holiday spirit.


First up is the Diorshow maximizer mascara, which acts as a base for mascara and thickens lashes. It goes on white, so you definitely can’t use it alone, but with a coat of black mascara on top it looks amazing! My lashes are pretty long, but rather sparse so the plumping effect this gives is perfect for me. It sort of weighs down lashes so they lose some curl, but I think the thickness makes up for it.


So you all know how excited I was to join the Her Campus Blogger Network and now I can show off my excitement to everyone! I snagged this pink and white spirit jersey from the Her Campus Shop and I’ve been sporting it to class when I’m too lazy and/or tired to get dressed. Even after I’m graduated, it’ll be a great keepsake of my time as Her Campus UCSB’s campus correspondent.


I love the look of stiletto nails, but unfortunately the unique nail shape leads to easy breakage. I picked up these Biotin tablets to help strengthen my hair and nails so I can keep them healthy and just the way I want. I’m trying not to take it as a sign that two of my nails broke after the first supplement… hopefully in a few weeks I’ll see a real difference!


My latest obsession at Starbucks has been the Holiday Spice Flat White. I have absolutely no idea what the hell a “flat white” is, but the creamy foam and festive holiday spice flavor make for a great drink. Plus it’s a lot less calories, fat, and sugar than the other seasonal lattes – ya know, if you’re into that thing.


Apartment too small or just too damn broke for a Christmas tree? An easy way to still get into the holiday spirit is to put up a light tree! Simply string up ordinary white lights in a zig zag pattern using thumbtacks and decorate with ornaments. It looks so cozy and festive, but is cheap and simple. Don’t celebrate Christmas? Design a snowflake or a menorah instead!

Hope you’re all getting into the holiday season like I am 🙂


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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