My Five Faves of the Week

I skimped on my Five Faves last week, but with Thanksgiving break giving me a long weekend, I had plenty of time to catch up on my blogging before I go into hiding to write my final papers. This week you’ll find a pumpkin pie recipe too good for just Thanksgiving, my ultimate driving playlist, some skincare, and more!


As usual, an Ipsy find is one of my faves this week. I love this nude shade from Dermelect because it’s a bit darker and browner than most neutrals. I don’t love the formula – it’s a bit too thick – but it looks great on! Plus they’re cruelty-free and help strengthen weak nails.


I love baking up a storm in the kitchen, despite not being the best baker in the world. Or even in my house probably. I almost always mess something up, but I figure as long as it’s sweet and edible it’s a success! So for Thanksgiving I tackled a homemade pumpkin pie for the first time and miraculously it turned out DELISH. I definitely recommend this vanilla bourbon pumpkin pie from Food Network year-round!


I’ve been making the drive between SB and LA so often lately that I needed to create a playlist just for road trip music. My Spotify is mostly 1D, 5SOS, and Halsey, but it also has a lot of other bands I’m currently obsessing over. Check it out if you’re in need of music inspo or just want to see what I listen to!


Winter weather absolutely kills my already dry skin, so intense hydration at night is a must. I love the Lotus face cream from Fresh because it’s natural, gentle on sensitive skin, and smells like refreshing cucumbers. It’s perfect for hydrating my skin without being too heavy or oily.


Speaking of hydration, I also tried a new face mask this week that is definitely worth mentioning. The Farmacy coconut mask is intensely hydrating and leaves skin silky soft. Its unique design is a bit hard to figure out (it had different layers to peel off), but it allows the mask to cling to your skin so you’re not awkwardly trying to keep it from falling off your face like some masks. Bonus grainy selfie of me sporting the mask last night!

Thanks for reading ❤


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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