Fall Fashion Staples

After letting my Ikea clothing rack sit in its box in my room for almost five weeks, I finally rolled up my sleeves and built it – ALL by myself. So I’m basically an official adult now. The only issue (besides the fact that it’s still a teeny bit wobbly) was deciding what to take out of my closet and put on display. In the end, I chose the items I’m most excited to wear this Fall! So here are 10 items I expect will be staples in my wardrobe over the next few months.

Aviary Photo_130914224456298860

First up is my Banana Republic sleeveless sweater in this minty-teal color. I actually picked this out during my job interview there and it was one of my first purchases with my employee discount! I love the versatility of it as we transition from summer into fall – it adds a cozy feeling tucked into a skater skirt or looks cool layered over a long-sleeved top.

Aviary Photo_130914224744695058

I’m a firm believer that leopard print is a neutral, so I’m prepared to treat this sweater from Papaya like a classic white tee. It’s chic and casual with jeans and booties or a fun twist on professional wear with a forest green or burgundy pencil skirt. It’s very modest, but the patterned sleeves make it super fun!

Aviary Photo_130914223884508457

I’m in love with the deep burgundy color of this dress from El Segundo boutique No Rest for Bridget. The high neck contrasts perfectly with my new blue hair and the flowy skirt looks so sweet and girly with a pair of heels. This rich fall color pairs perfectly with dark green, navy blue, or even baby pink for something really eye-catching.

Aviary Photo_130914222194109999

Everyone should have a pair of nude heels in their closet. I snagged these at a Banana Republic sale over the summer and have worn them to everything from Sunday brunch to a night clubbing downtown. I love that they’re not just a basic heel – they have those interesting cut outs and contrasting leather and suede fabrics.

Aviary Photo_130914223526862101

I looove this buttery forest green faux leather jacket and wish I wore it more often. It’s from the label Bar III, found at Macy’s. The deep color is such a refreshing change from the classic black – it transforms any LBD into a badass, trendy outfit. I especially love the little details like the side zippers and the cropped tulip back.

Aviary Photo_130914222616366146

Can you tell I worked at Banana…? Another BR item: a high-waisted white lace pencil skirt. It’s very spring-oriented with the delicate lace flowers, but I think paired with darker colors it can easily last me through the Fall.

Aviary Photo_130914224121358198

Guys, I just love this deep wine burgundy shade. It’s absolutely perfect for these golden autumn days, while I sip a latte and read a good book. This American Eagle sweater is not too heavy and looks really cool layered under a big denim jacket. I love anything that’s stylish but also as comfy as a pair of PJs.

Aviary Photo_130914221694733254

Nothing screams “Fall” more than some knee-high brown boots! This pair from Diba is pretty basic, besides the major heel action. But hey, I’m 5’2″ so I get away with it. I like to pair these with thigh high socks and a mini skirt for that classic basic bitch Fall look. Starbs in hand, obviously.

Aviary Photo_130914225348938574.png

Noticing a color scheme here? These dark reds and teals have really got me this year. H&M is my go-to for easy, casual wear like this long-sleeved top. It’s much thinner than a sweater, but easy enough to throw on over some black jeans. I love the split hemline so I can tie the front up into a knot (hence the little wrinkles), elongating my legs and adding some interesting detail.

Aviary Photo_130914223318621625

This bubble gum pink coat is probably what I’m most excited to wear this season. Here in Southern California we don’t get the chance to bundle up in our best winter wear very often, but I’m sporting this steal from Crossroads rain or shine. Not to brag or anything, but I only paid $30 for what was originally a $130 coat. Thank you, consignment gods. Pastel colors are very trendy for Fall/Winter and it looks so chic with an all-black outfit or extra sugary sweet combined with a baby blue.

What are the items you’re most excited to wear this season? Let me know in the comments!


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