Becoming a Mermaid at Sirens Salon

So as you know if you’ve seen the multitude of selfies on my Instagram, I now have blue hair. Yup, I took the plunge and finally did something CRAZY. I’ve done everything from dark red to black to an ombré, but I’ve never done a style so drastic. So I put myself in the capable hands of Miss Tea at Sirens Salon, closed my eyes, and hoped for the best! Here’s my transformation and some tips for you if you’re considering becoming a mermaid like me.

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Sirens is a well-known quirky salon just off of famous Melrose Ave in West LA. You’ll know it by its electric turquoise exterior and cozy, small interior, complete with just a couple chairs and sinks to go around.

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I found them on Yelp and it was a perfect match – they specialize in turning people into “mermaid rockstars” and their pics will prove it! They can do anything from platinum blonde to hot pink to a blend of pastel unicorn colors. I DEF recommend going to a professional for something like this, especially if you will be bleaching your hair.

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First came the bleach! I have never fried my hair quite like this before, so I was most nervous about this part. I was so terrified that my hair would end up dry and stiff, like straw, so I lathered on some coconut oil beforehand and (TIP!) that helps hold in a lot of your hair’s natural moisture. It also doesn’t hurt too badly – just a bit of tingling on your scalp. I was kind of digging how the platinum looked along my hairline. Unfortunately only my virgin hair went blonde – the rest ended up a nasty pale orange!

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Luckily, we weren’t done and on top of that ugly pumpkin hair went this gorgeous dark blue dye. I went in with hopes of a dark teal color, but the reddish tint in my hair meant that any green would come out muddled. So we settled for a dark blue that would eventually fade to have teal undertones. TIP: don’t dye your hair red if you ever want to bleach it – it’s the hardest color to lighten up!

Aviary Photo_130909834308192429

And voila! This was immediately after my appointment. My hair still felt really soft and the color was SO vibrant. It was pretty neon on my roots, since that was virgin hair, but I’ve washed it a few times since then and it’s turned into a much more subtle blue with hints of teal and purple mixed in. I really do feel like a mermaid!

Aviary Photo_130909833677257377

Overall my salon experience was very positive: Tea was so sweet and helpful and my hair definitely isn’t as damaged as I thought it would be. I make sure to use a LOT of hair products now – specifically sulfate free shampoo and conditioner, cleansing conditioner, hair masks, and argan oil before styling. I also try not to blow dry or curl it as often as I used to.

I don’t think I’ll go blue again after this fades out, not because I don’t think it’s pretty, but because it’s a HUGE commitment. Your style and makeup routine completely changes when you have such an extreme hairstyle and it’s very expensive to keep up! I’m glad I did it now (while I’m still unemployed and can have the craziest hair I want), but I’m excited to go back to au natural (or at least close) in a few months. But for now I’m enjoying the change – plus it makes for a great conversation starter at parties 😉

Thanks for reading! Leave any questions about rocking mermaid hair in the comments!


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