My Five Fave Pieces of Jewelry

Between choosing the perfect outfit everyday and making sure my makeup matches, things like accessories kind of get lost in the big picture. I’m not a huge jewelry person, but sometimes a fantastic necklace or a cocktail ring can make or break your style. Here are five pieces of jewelry that I rely on to keep my wardrobe interesting!

Aviary Photo_130909657320916658

A chic watch is the easiest way to make any outfit a little classier and sharper. It works with everything from ripped jeans and a loose sweater to a sheath dress and booties. They may seem kind of irrelevant since everyone’s got an iphone in hand at all times of the day, but there’s nothing irrelevant about great style. I especially love the Aldo watches because they come with multiple bands that you can switch out for a different style everyday!

Aviary Photo_130909659587781294

Midi rings are allll the rage right now and I’m obsessed! I definitely have a thing for rings, so I love these for layering on as many as I can for a chunky, trendy look. I like bands with subtle designs like this braiding or spikes – they add a bit of style without being overwhelming.

Aviary Photo_130909658560808889

A statement necklace can turn any plain old tee into a cool look. They’re super easy to find nowadays, everywhere from Francesca’s to Top Shop sells these huge, eye-catching pieces. I love antiquey-looking ones like this since you can dress it up or down, but it still steals the show no matter what you pair it with.

Aviary Photo_130909658137487107

Everyone should have at least one delicate gold chain in their jewelry collection. My Bauble Bar chain is feminine, simple, and personalized. I like how thin it is, so it can just peek out from under my collar with a subtle shine. You can also layer this over a thick sweater for some great contrast!

Aviary Photo_130909659074364624

I have had this vintage ring for over five years and I still love it! I bought it on Abbot Kinney for my 16th birthday and it was such an amazing find. The ring is completely handmade and unique, made from a vintage button. Vintage (or vintage-looking) pieces can add a layer of mystery and intrigue to an outfit. Everyone will be dying to know where you got it and the story behind it.

What are your go-to jewelry pieces? Let me know in the comments or on Twitter: @thelovepug_ 🙂


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