Strolling Through San Francisco

The City by the Bay is one of my favorite places in the world – not only was I born in the SF area, but I try and visit at least once a year to re-explore the city. This summer I spent a day in the city doing what I do best: shopping and eating.


Northern California will always have a place in my heart. I love the hipster attitude of San Fran, the multitude of amazing restaurants, and the perfect weather for year-round scarves (my dream come true!). Despite only being a six or so hour drive from each other, LA and SF are so radically different. Every time I visit, I can envision myself living on these hilly streets by the bay.


After a fair bit of walking through the city, our stomachs rumbled for something both delicious and unique. Perfect place: Show Dogs! Located in the Tenderloin, just a few blocks from the huge Westfield mall (more on that later), Show Dogs is a hip & trendy sausage place serving up really different flavor combos.


OK, I have a confession. I’ve been to Show Dogs before. The last time I visited this joint drew me in from the Yelp reviews purely based on this guy: the Fried Chicken Sandwich. I usually hate hate hate repeating foodie outings when I’m on vacation, but this delicious dish makes it worth it. Fried to crispy perfection, nestled with crunchy coleslaw, and with a slight curry flavor (so random, so good), this sandwich is a must-get here. You also can’t go wrong with those garlic-parm fries 😉


With a place called Show Dogs, you have to try a sausage or two. This one is the House Maple Pork; juicy, sweet meat with a salty bacon chutney and a bite of brown mustard. Plus a little arugula thrown on so you can call it a salad.


Another unique menu item is the Chorizo Burger. A delicate, tender patty with a kick of tomatillo and plenty of creamy avocado. It’s definitely a tasty and different take on a burger.


You could top anything with bubbling cheese and it would be good – just like this Chili Cheese Dog. The unique elements really make the dish: the choice of polish sausage and the melted sharp cheddar, but the chili lacked a kicky flavor to tie it all up. Still yummy though!


Overall a really cool place to hangout and eat some amazing food!

And after all that meaty goodness, all you want to do is walk it off right?


Welcome to Heaven! Seven floors of designer, department, and retail stores for your perusing. Not going to lie, coming to this mall is half the reason I love visiting San Francisco. I can’t wait to go back soon!


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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