Healthy Meets Happy at True Food Kitchen

When I come home to LA for the summer, it’s always a frenzy to try as many restaurants as possible and mooching off of my parents when it comes to food. Most people strive for that “summer bod…” mine is usually made from late night Taco Bell runs and froyo on hots days (so, everyday). But I love finding that rare spot that provides delicious food AND healthy options – like True Food Kitchen!


I’ll admit: when I first visited TFK when it opened in Santa Monica a couple years ago, I was not blown away. But then they opened a new location in the fancy new El Segundo Plaza, I had to give it another shot. The second time’s a charm! The restaurant is open, breezy, and the abundance of natural light really mirrors the naturalness and freshness of the food.


Let’s start with apps. This kale & avocado dip was probably my favorite part of the meal. Chunky guacamole mixed with chopped kale makes for a delicious, but sneakily healthy, appetizer! Plus the crunchy crackers were delightfully nutty and a great alternative to traditional tortilla chips. Plus all of their drinks – including the sparkling lemonade (above) – are refreshing and incorporate tons of natural flavors.


The spicy tuna wrap was, sadly, not spicy. Isn’t that always the way? I mean, I know I’m white but kick it up a notch a little. Otherwise, the wrap was pretty good – the tuna was fresh and the sauce had a lot of flavor, but nothing special. I did love the sides that came with it: a massaged kale salad and a sweet potato hash. Yum!


I could never give up my cheeseburgers, but a turkey burger with provolone is a great healthy option from time to time. This one had the perfect amount of cheese and the flax seed bun was soft but had a bit of grainy texture!


This looks just as delicious as it tasted! Sausage and fennel pizza with a thin, crispy crust and a tasty, almost sweet, marinara sauce. The pizza was pretty big, so expect leftovers or split with someone! This one I would definitely come back for.

Hope you enjoyed this ~healthy~ blog post – just don’t expect too many of them 😉


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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