Sitting Pretty at Magnolia Bakery

LA may be home to some of the best foodie spots in the world, but very few places in this huge city can be called “quaint.” Enter Magnolia Bakery, an adorable little branch off from the original NYC spot, located smack between The Grove and The Beverly Center (good excuse for shopping AND food). I first heard about Magnolia on Instagram, with a shot of their famous banana pudding. Now, banana pudding may sound like a grandmother’s dessert, but at Magnolia Bakery it’s so much more…

Aviary Photo_130817231136214263

Tbh, the food here could have been awful and I still would have loved it. The chic black and white tiled floors contrasted beautifully with the super traditional lace curtains and fresh vases of bouquets. Everything about Magnolia screams “charm” and “quaint.” It’s the kind of place you could sit down with a personal dessert and pretend you’re in the French countryside.

Aviary Photo_130817232313922669

That is… if the French countryside was on the corner of two traffic-infested streets. But it’s like a little slice of peace in this busy city.

Aviary Photo_130817232803214451

Ugh. Like peanut butter swirl porn, but even better. The famous banana pudding is whipped until light as air and then delightfully studded with softened vanilla wafers. It’s your grandma’s pudding, alright – delicious and full of nostalgia. I could have polished off three of these bad boys (and plan to go back and do just that).

Aviary Photo_130817237916245963

I couldn’t go all the way there and only try ONE thing, right? So I boxed up a key lime cheesecake to go… and eat immediately upon returning home. Excuse the disastrous plating; driving through LA traffic with a cheesecake in your backseat is not the best idea. Despite the slight crumbling, this was one of the best cheesecakes I have ever eaten. So silky smooth with a moist, yet crumbly crust and the key lime flavor made for a sweet – but not too sweet! – dessert. Well, post-dessert dessert.


Aviary Photo_130816836257457887

This sweet bakery is definitely a must-visit for amazing ambiance and even more amazing dessert! Hope you all enjoyed.


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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