Cheesiness Is Close to Godliness

I have been sitting here trying to write this blog post for almost two hours – editing photos, brainstorming titles… Not because I can’t find the words to describe the food at Greenspan’s Grilled Cheese (“delicious,” “amazing,” and “orgasmic” come to mind), but because I simply don’t want the experience to be over. I’m like one of those serial killers who documents their crimes to relive it over and over… only I just murdered a grilled cheese sandwich and reliving it equals a mouth full of saliva and a craving for melted cheese. But you all deserve to vicariously kill one of these fancy griddled sandwiches, so read on, friends. Also, maybe consider deleting your browser history after – this is some dirty foodporn.

IMG_4550.CR2The Melrose retaurant is stunningly simple in aesthetics but bold in the culinary department. There’s not a ton of seating – just a single bar inside and a few tables on the sheltered patio outside. Luckily it was pretty empty on a Friday afternoon and we enjoyed our food outside, people watching along the eccentric street of Melrose. Plus, look at those prices. Fancy sandwiches for less than $10 – a rare find.


Pulled pork. Gruyere cheese. Sour pickles. Home-made Saurekraut. The Cuban Reuben has it all. The pulled pork melts in your mouth and has the most amazing sweet flavor to it. The creamy, rich Gruyere contrasts with the crunchy, sour pickles and kraut in the most delectable way. If you think it looks messy, it’s because it is. This has flaky pieces of pork falling out of the crispy bread and tangy mustard running down your hands. But would you want it any other way?


So saucy – so cheesy- so naughty. This baby is the Blue Buffalo: fried chicken tenders, blue cheese sauce, and crunchy slaw. All that sandwiched between two sliced of griddled rye bread. I never would have thought of a rye for a sandwich like this, but the earthy, almost sour flavor cuts through the richness of the cheese and chicken. The best part of these sandwiches is the bread; oozing with buttery flavor and toasted to deliciousness, it adds a little crunch to each creation.

You can also create your own sandwich, but with a masterpiece of a menu, why mess with perfection?


Oh that’s not all. What’s a sandwich without some sides? Yelp raved about the potato latke bites with apple creme fraiche, and they didn’t disappoint. They’re basically round tater tots, but I ain’t complaining. The hot, golden brown balls (lol) are paired with the sweet and cold dipping sauce. I loved the creme fraiche, but I could have used some cheese somewhere in there… but maybe I just have a cheese problem.


The fries were simple, but yummy. I think they were double fried, leaving them with a crunchy exterior and mushy inside. Nom. The best part was the accompanying dipping sauce: a lemon aioli. If you don’t know, an aioli is basically a fancy, flavored mayonnaise. And if you’re one of those people who thinks mayo does NOT belong on fries, or even worse, someone who doesn’t like mayo at all (wtf is ur prob), hear me out. In Belgium (the real birth place of French fries), these popular hot potato sticks are served in little paper bags with a traditional topping of homemade mayo. The mayo there is much creamier and has a lemony tang to it, like this aioli. It is AMAZING. Don’t believe me? Then fly to Belgium and try it. Nothing will ever compare.

I will most definitely be returning to Greenspan’s to try the other grilled cheese creations, as well as to down as much of that aioli as physically possible. Hope I didn’t make y’all too hungry 😉


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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