Yummy Yume Sushi & Ramen

Last week marked the end of my third year of college and my friends and I celebrated the only way cool college kids do: sushi. We headed over to Yume in downtown Santa Barbara for a new experience in Japanese cuisine. Time to get yo sush on.


Yume’s got a huge menu with sushi, specialty rolls, noodles, and more. The restaurant itself is surprising: it’s large and breezy, unlike many sushi bars with their dark mood lighting and cozy booths. Although the noodles sounded divine, I can’t resist a round of rolls, so my friend and I split four rolls while our other friend opted for a bowl of ramen.


Look at this beaut, the Rock & Roll. I actually had a dream about this roll the other night, but the chef had obviously taken my recommendation of frying the jalapeno more. Cream cheese wrapped in raw, buttery salmon, a fried jalapeno, avocado, masago, rice, and soy paper. This is their most popular roll and it’s obvious why. So creamy and delish with a spicy bite from the pepper.


Next up was the Firecracker roll: fried shrimp tempura and veggies topped with spicy tuna and a spicy mayo sauce. For having two *spicy* ingredients, I was disappointed with the lack of flavor in this roll. Still delicious (because fried food and raw fish, duh) but a little blah.


Though not traditional, I’m a sucker for a hot and saucy roll 😉 The Volcano Roll lives up to its name with an explosion of creaminess thanks to cheese and warm, baked scallops on top of the California roll base. It does get a little messy, but who’s complaining?


The Green Dragon roll wasn’t what we expected since, ya know, it’s not green. A spicy tuna roll (again, take “spicy” loosely) topped with seared albacore and a garlic ponzu sauce. Nom. Very light and refreshing!


Ramen is the ultimate comfort food. I’m not talking the kind that comes in a plastic package and you stick in the microwave (although I indulge in those every once in a while), but a big, steamin’ bowl  of noodz with succulent pork, veggies, and a soft egg. I only had a sip of the flavorful broth, but it was savory and layered enough to make me want to go back for a bowl.

I hope this post made you drool! Don’t forget to check out my other restaurant reviews and stay tuned for lots of posts on local LA eats while I’m home for the summer.

Thanks for reading 😉


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