OOTD: Lovely Florals from LF

I would normally never shop at LF, 1. because it’s for people who actually have jobs and can afford a $100 sweater and 2. because every time I walk in there it’s like stepping into my teenage sister’s disaster of a bedroom. Seriously, what do their employees do during shifts if not fold the clothes? A store should never look like my closet after a night of sloppy pre-gaming and constant outfit changing. BUT, when my dear friend Ashley dragged me there during one of their annual sales, I found the most adorable jumpsuit for only $24! It has been the perfect addition to my (clean) closet.
This jumpsuit’s price even made putting on a new zipper totally worth it. Long story short: the zipper got stuck while trying it on and I had to have it ripped open by a manager in front of the entire store. Yup, sums up my life.

IMG_0463Ignore my horrid tan lines – being white is so hard. (Sarcasm, y’all).



I absolutely love the open sides and back. Any excuse not to wear a bra, really. Note the *tasteful* side boob.


I paired it with this adorable magenta floppy hat from Irene’s Story. Bonus puppy pic!


“Florals? For spring? Ground breaking.” Thanks for reading!


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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