The 10 Lipsticks Every Girl Should Own

I’m a lipstick junkie. Everyone knows it, and if a girl ever needs a lip color, she knows I’m the person to come to. I own over 30 colors, from pink lip stains to shimmery glosses to old school fire engine red. I never used to wear lipstick. I would line my eyes with blue or green eyeliner and consider my face dolled up. Ah, 7th grade. Now, I’m more likely to just brush on mascara and put all of my focus into creating that perfect pink pout. Some of you may read this and say, “She looks so great in lipstick (thanks, I know), but I just can’t pull it off.” Shut up. I have never met a woman who looked bad in lipstick. I have also never had someone tell me I looked bad in lipstick. If anything, I get more compliments when I bust out a neon pink or cherry red. So grow a uterus (one of the strongest muscles in the body!) and be brave enough to rock your perfect shade.

1. The Lip Liner


So not technically a lipstick, but lip liner is crucial to a perfect set of lips. The Make Up Forever Transparent liner smooths, hydrates, and protects from bleeding. It’s clear, so it matches literally every color and you don’t have to worry about accidentally over drawing and looking like a clown – or Kylie Jenner.

2. The “My Lips But Better”



If you only buy one lipstick, make it a MLBB. It should be a color that goes with every outfit, works with your skin tone, and basically matches your natural lips but enhanced. For me, this is Buxom’s “Two-Timer.” It’s deliciously creamy, a pinky-nude color, and pretty natural looking. Obviously this shade is going to vary depending on your complexion, so test a few out at the local Sephora until you find that sweet spot. Some other faves are “Moka” by Bite and “Memento” lip tar by OCC.

3. The Gloss


The easiest lip product you’ll ever own. If you’re super lazy or just terrified of committing to an intense color, ease into it with a shimmer gloss like this one (“Love Buzz” by Marc Jacobs). It’s very sheer, but shiny and slightly glittery so in the right light it absolutely pops. The only problem with gloss is finding a sexy way to pull off the strands of hair that get stuck in it. Another fave is “Sophia” by Buxom – bonus plumping feature!

4. The “Just for Fun”


This is one of those colors that you try on in the store, laugh about, but then secretly can’t stop staring at yourself in the mirror. You probably will never have a place to wear it, but who cares? There’s no law against rocking glittery red lip gloss while doing the dishes. Or just throw back a few shots and slap some on at the club. You won’t be able to make out with anyone, but you’ll look super hot. This is “Siren” by Hourglass, but Smashbox’s “Adore Me” is a sparkly pink version.

5. The Tinted Chapstick


Sometimes your lips are as cracked as the Sahara and just too damn dry for lipstick. It happens, it sucks, but there is a solution. Tinted chapstick like this one from Fresh’s Sugar line (in “Tulip”) moisturizes while still providing a hint of color. Sugar chapsticks also boast SPF 15, so bust this baby out when you’re heading to the beach or pool. If pink’s not your color, they have a variety of shades from cherry red to deep purple.

6. The “Pretty Pink”


There are zillions of different shades of pink so this one takes a bit of narrowing down. Some prefer coral, some baby pink, and some (like me) love this deep magenta. I also adore this lippie because of its texture: the luster matte formula goes on smoothly, leaves behind an intense pigment, but never dries out your lips. Try it out (“Mulberry” by Sephora Collection) or look into Givenchy’s “Rose Dressing” for a flowery tint or “Whimsy” from Tarte, which has purple undertones.

7. The “Kylie”


Kylie Jenner undoubtedly has one of the most famous puckers of the moment. Her matte nude style can be copied! I wouldn’t suggest overdrawing to that extent… but hey, whatever makes ya smile. This color photographs a bit pink, but is actually a pretty flat nude. I love love LOVE the Sephora Collection lip cream stains – this one is #13 Marvelous Mauve – because they go on creamy and dry to a delectable matte finish. It can be drying, but the long lasting color makes up for the texture. Now go free, my Kylie wannabees. “Tiber” from Nars is a glossy version for when you’re feeling a little more Kim that day.

8. The “Bad Bitch”



Every woman should have something that makes them feel like they belong in the “Bad Blood” music video. This lipstick looks like it was made out of the blood of your enemies and was forged in the fiery pits of hell. Whether that’s this dark red pencil (“Damned” by Nars) or a deep purple gloss or even a black matte – rock those sinful lips.

9. The “Spring Has Sprung”


This one is going to cause some objections. Stop being a little bitch. Yes, it’s bright, but it’s also really fun and adventurous. This lip color turns you into the life of the party. Heads will turn when you walk in, and it makes you look tan regardless of how pale you are (ghostly, if you’re me). If this bubble gum color, “Electra Pink,” from Sephora Collection is too pigmented for you (ya baby), try the brand’s softer orchid hue “Radiant Rush” or Tarte’s orangey “Timeless.”

10. The Classic Red


I saved red for last 1) because it’s a classic, must-have color and 2) because deciding on a shade was damn near impossible. Probably because I own more red lipsticks than I own jackets… but give me a break, I live in Southern California. Eventually I settled on Bite’s “Apricot,” (a weird name for a red), which spreads smoothly, deeply pigments, and comes in a teeny adorable container that fits into every purse. There is a red out there for you, whether you’ve got china doll skin or a dark chocolate complexion. It takes some experimenting, but the perfect red lip boosts your confidence and transforms you into a classy lady regardless of what janky party you’re headed to that night. Other faves are “Rouge Rock” by YSL and “Cruella” by Nars for a matte finish.

If I learned anything from writing this blog, it’s that I must have been a model in a past life. Also, I probably should have waxed my mustache beforehand. Most importantly though, I realized how much I love lipstick and wish more women would try it out to discover how amazing it can make you feel. I hope you go out and at least try on some of these shades and find your inner Tay or Kylie or Barbie. Or me, because I am awesome. Thanks for reading! Let me know your fave lip colors in the comments 🙂


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