From SB to SD: A Weekend Away

After catching up on all of the work I avoided while on my weekend away, I finally have time to document my amazing time in San Diego! In my almost three years of college living (now I feel old), I have never visited one of my best friends, the lovely Ashley, at UCSD. So I bought myself an Amtrak ticket, braved a six hour train ride, and met up with her in sunny SD.

Aaaand, when I got there it immediately began pouring rain. I mean, it was almost 1 AM, so I didn’t expect a sunny welcome, but I was a bit disappointed. The cure to a rainy night and asleep buttcheeks? Apparently carne asada fries!

IMG_2171These babies aren’t the most photogenic food, but they make up for it in cheesiness and guaciness. Plus, it’s HUGE. I mean, I could totally still eat a whole one by myself, but sharing is caring. Vallarta’s offers this hot mess of deliciousness, has a drive-thru, and is open 24-hours. Um, why isn’t there one in Santa Barbara?

After a relaxing day of shopping, watching movies, running away from the rain, and eating at Olive Garden (not my choice, but damn those breadsticks are good), the rain finally let up and we dragged ourselves out of bed for brunch and a hike. Cody’s in La Jolla is a hip, vibrant brunch spot where people line up along the sidewalk for a table. While we waited, we walked over to the seal harbor and watched those blubbery guys lounge around. If I’m ever reincarnated into an animal, I want it to be a seal.


Look at young, innocent Ashley eyeing my cocktail. She wasn’t missing much, honestly; my blackberry sage spritzer was basically a mason jar of champagne with a sprig of herbs on top. Not complaining about the bucketful of bubbly… but a little flavor would have been nice.


My meal was much better: a bacon, cheese, and avocado omelette sandwiched with greens and potatoes. The bacon was really good, nice and smoky, but the avocado on top had browned and was not up to my guac connoisseur standards. I did get a lot of potatoes though, and carbs tend to make up for everything. After we stuffed our faces, we waddled to the car and drove off to our next adventure.


Torrey Pines State Reserve boasts many winding trails along the beach or the cliffs overlooking the ocean. It’s very California: desert flowers, lots of sand, and incredible ocean views. You may think you have to pay for parking… don’t! It’s pretty easy to find street parking a few blocks away and just walk over to the entrance. Save yourself the $12 and buy a burger to celebrate post-workout.


Yes, I made both the parking fees and this mountain my bitch.


My favorite part of the hike came near the end when we’d reached sea level and discovered this narrow passageway. It just rounded to more beachfront, but it made for a cool picture.


Saturday night allowed me to see how the other half lives; and by “other half,” I mean people who don’t go to UCSB. Living in a college town like Isla Vista, walking around at 1 AM and party hopping is the norm. In San Diego, you have to Uber it to house parties and are usually stuck there until you go home for the night. While the party scene is a bit inconvenient, it redeems itself with the people. I love my school, but everyone’s kind of a dick. UCSD may be “socially dead,” but their parties are more laid back and fun than most of the ones I’ve been to in IV. So thanks for the good time, SD! Until next time 😉

Oh also, drunken carne asada fries at 2 AM? Best. Decision. Ever.


Screen Shot 2015-06-06 at 11.41.32 PM

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